Portrait of Mary Anne Tuke

Mary Anne Tuke, Mrs Tuke, Mary Anne Clifton, Parramatta. Old Parramatta. Old Parramattan.
CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE. Mary Anne Tuke, née Mary Anne Clifton, (1820–1898). Wife of Charles Tuke, a Methodist preacher, druggist and businessman “in the crockery-ware line,” who later devoted himself exclusively to photography in a studio that was located on what later became the Australian Joint Stock Bank site, (present-day 207 Church Street, Parramatta). Charles Tuke was also, at one time, treasurer of the Parramatta District Hospital Committee. “Mrs Tuke,” Henry William Burgin – studio portraits of Parramatta residents, ca. 1860-1872. Courtesy of Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales, PXA 1036 / FL3220257