Portrait of Mrs Vallack

Mrs Vallack. Old Parramatta. Old Parramattan. Parramatta.
CLICK IMAGE TO ENLARGE. Mrs Vallack. It is not clear exactly who Mrs Vallack was. In this period in Parramatta, there was a brewer named “James Edwards Vallack” who may have been related to this lady, perhaps he was her son or even her husband; if the former, this is Ann Reyolds, but if the latter, then this is Elizabeth Mary Reynolds. On the other hand, this lady may not have been related to the Parramatta brewer at all. “Mrs Vallack / Southwell Brothers … London,” Henry William Burgin – studio portraits of Parramatta residents, ca. 1860-1872. Courtesy of Mitchell Library, State Library of New South Wales, PXA 1036 / FL3220258